As a person of mixed race, I find it really difficult to find make-up that matches my skin tone. I’m very yellow/gold and I love the natural glow of my skin. It is better for people of my skin tone group not to wear concealer or foundation because there are no formulations on the market yet that can mimic our colour without looking masky or dull or worse that nasty rose-ash look that gives itself away as soon as we step into bright harsh sunlight.

I used to always wear foundation but I stopped months ago because I found a really good dermatologist and a great regime which I want to blog about in a separate post because it deserves not to be jostling with other information for supremacy.

The Bobbi Brown line does a fairly decent job at offering a nice wide range of  foundations and in that line, I normally pick colour 4.25 Natural Tan. It is OK, it does the job but it is far from seamless. The shade 4.25 does not perfectly match my skin tone and a lot of blending in the neck area needs to be done and it also hides my natural glow instead of playing it up.

Step in BECCA. An Australian line which I used to buy when I lived in London but had a hard time tracking down here in the US. So I love everything Australian, I don’t know, they just seem to “get it”. I lived there for a while and if given the opportunity I would welcome the chance to move back permanently. What I love about Rebecca Morrice Williams, the founder of BECCA is her determination and commitment to developing formulas that enhance the skin instead of covering it up. People of mixed race heritage come in a plethora of different shades and not many big name brands understand the subtle differences between Tan, Olive, Olive-Gold, Olive-Red, Yellow, Yellow-Gold, Gold-Red. The trick to finding your perfect foundation match is to choose a foundation that enhances the undertone of your skin colour. So if you consider yourself to be just Tan, for example, try holding a red card, a yellow card, a green card, gold card and a bronze card near your face and see which of those colours helps your skin to ‘pop’ and look its best. Sounds cheesy, I know, but hey, if it works…

Take a look at how BECCA breaks down the colour code:

My personal shade selection would fall between numbers (5) Light Tan and (6) Tan which basically means I can colour test from each of those groups and I am bound to find one that will suit me. When I used to wear more of a heavier base, the stick foundation in Honey was amazing and it was a firm staple in my make-up bag. I never would dream of leaving the house without it no matter what kind of a rush I was in.

These days, since I got my skin sorted out and my face is now a blemish-free zone and my skin tone is even and without pigmentation marks, I like to use Luminous Skin Colour in Bamboo and Sepia (Sepia for when I’m more tanned in the Summer) but I only apply it to areas that I feel can do with a little help, like the under eye area and around the corners of the nose. I dab it on really lightly and blend. For an evening out I apply the Resurfacing Primer, then the foundation to my entire face just so I can feel a little more glamorous and like I put a little more effort into my appearance.

I also enjoy using:

The Illuminate Wash – Liquid Highlighter at the very top of my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose and on my forehead, along the hairline.
Beach Tint in Grapefruit, Fig and Guava. This is great for if I am just popping out to my local organic grocery store – I’ll just pat a little on my cheeks on top of my facial oil moisturiser and dab a touch on my lips and I am ready to go.
Pressed Bronzing Powder in Light Golden Bronze and the Mineral Bronzing/Highlighter Duo, which I use along the facial areas which are most likely to naturally catch the sun.

I also purchased just about everything from the Lost Weekend look because I am so in love with Becca. The Palette which has three eye colours in Chine, Moleskin and Moire which translates to shades of nude, fawn and tan.

 I find that it is almost impossible to live without the Eye Tint in Baroque. It really wakes up my entire eye area.

And I’m loving the Eye Liner Compact & Waterproof Sealer. It gives me perfect 60’s cat-flick eyes and I also like to smudge it around my top and bottom lashes for a smoky rocker look.

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