Sandra Dini


For a long time now I have been meaning to invest in what I call “modern grown-up jewellery”. It is true I do have quite a few nice pieces of vintage jewelry that I have collected over the years. I have a tradition, every year on my birthday I treat myself to a piece of jewellery which is nearly always vintage and nearly always a diamond. I see it as a wise investment. Unlike expensive designer clothes and bags which lose their retail value after being worn and are no longer in style, good jewellery never goes out of fashion and seldom loses its market value no matter what the state of the economy. So, when a little rain falls in my life, I can feel secure in the knowledge that I own a few things worth selling.

Well, for all my love of vintage, I don’t really have any grown-up modern jewellery. The most modern I have would be from the 1970’s. So, I clearly needed to make this investment, right? Sure. I did a lot of research and there were many designers that I ooohed and aaahed over but after much careful deliberation, I chose to support Italian artist and designer Sandra Dini. I fell in love with her use of unexpected elemental materials. The organic presence of her designs brings me right back to nature in a way that just makes me feel happy. All of her pieces have this handicraft/artisan rural look to them, all together quite unusual. Each one is a statement piece in its own right, which is exactly how real jewellery should be.

This birthday, I treated myself to an early purchase. Once I had decided, I was worried they might be sold out by the time the date of my actual birthday rolled around. Gorgeous, no? I can’t wait for them to arrive.


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