The most surprising aspect of my tumblr blog are the questions I get each week. I never expected it. It happened very organically and I feel completely humbled to have the opportunity to connect with my readers in this way, because anonymous or not, these questions are personal to those who write in. I would never consider myself an absolute authority on any subject, can anyone, honestly? All I can do is offer answers based upon my own life experiences. In some small way, I hope to share what I have learned so far on my journey. 


Hello, beautiful soul! My name is Tenea! I’m 20 years old and married. I stumbled across your tumblr a few months ago…and I feel so drawn to you! Oh, how I wish you were my next-door-neighbor! May I ask you how old you are? Your blog entries have been grasping my thoughts about vegetarianism/veganism and I’m getting really excited about learning and taking perspective on things. My husband is a very tiny man! Standing at a whopping 6’0″ tall he is only 118lbs and God, is he beautiful! And so supportive of me becoming a vegetarian. I read that your husband eats meat,and I was just wondering if you could post a few meal plans. Maybe weekly ones? Something to give me a few ideas and also things that will satisfy my husband’s tummy! I am so excited about eating! But in a new way! I also read that you are a barefooted momma at heart. I swear if it were safe , I’d walk and run outside on the dirty, black streets outside if it didn’t mean I’d have to worry about broken beer bottles, or running into someone’s recycable garbage. Heck, my husband and I were barefoot our whole wedding day! And I loved every, free, breezy minute of it 🙂 I even kind of trotted down the aisle while “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles playe comfortably in the background. You are just too, cool, E.L.W.! Hope to hear from you soon, with some delicious, nutritious news! Grace & Peace.
Hey Lady, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. 20 is a lovely age! I wish I was that young, i’m in my thirties going on seventy. Married at such a tender age, gosh, I am so happy that you found your soul mate so soon in life, lucky, lucky lady and it is so sweet how you are taking care of him. I sense you two are very happy together.Your husband sounds like a rock star! Go girl. I love that type of physique on a man it is very couture, no? My husband is also 6′ 0″ and weighs roughly 160lbs so quite a bit heavier than your super model, lol. Yes my man eats meat although I have to say rarely and when he does it’s white meat such as chicken or turkey and never pork. If I had to put a label on his diet, I would call him a pescatarian because he could happily eat fish every single day.

Your wedding sounds incredible! What wonderful memories you made for yourselves. Mine was a fiasco of epic proportions and I am so glad I can’t remember any of it but that’s a story for another time.

I’d be more than happy to make your request my next blog post!  Continue to live in happiness. Look after and cherish each other, I know marriage isn’t easy but it sure is a rewarding experience. Peace, beautiful one. Xx

I was wondering if you could recommend some natural supplements that are good for everyday. I have started eating better and I would really like to take it to the next level. You seem to be very knowledgeable as far as herbs and natural healing, what would you recommend? Would you recommend anything specific to boost energy? Thanks!
Hey Caroline! The thing with supplements, is that it is big business. If you don’t read the ingredients carefully and look at the order in which the ingredients are listed, you could well end up drinking a whole load of nothing special and never feeling any benefits. I prefer making my own supplements when I have the time and when money is a little low. I believe the best way to supplement our diet is by doing it the way nature intended, not through brand name pills and chews but by eating a varied diet.I am a great enthusiast of sprouts. These little things are packed with amazing nutrients – the essence of Life. If you are able to juice every day or whip up a delicious breakfast smoothie in the blender, try adding a handful of fresh sprouts. Sprouts are so easy to make, they germinate with very little effort on your part. To get seeds to sprout, say for example mung beans, empty half a cup of the dried beans into a bowl of water and let soak over night. In the morning you’ll see that the seeds have expanded slightly and have begun to break their shells. Rinse them thoroughly in cold water and strain. Pour the beans into large bottle, an old pickle jar will do, cover the top of the jar with cheese cloth and secure it a rubber band or string. If you don’t have cheese cloth a piece of aluminum foil will do. Just place it over the top of of the jar, secure with a band and poke some holes with a skewer. Lay the jar on its side and place by a window. That’s it. The beans will sprout all by themselves. Just remember to rinse them everyday by filling the jar with fresh cold water and draining.

If you want something a little more convenient, I highly recommend The Ultimate Meal which combines up to 23 products, it is 85% organic, vegan & kosher, has potent anti-oxidants and fatty acids, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, no stimulants, no yeast or salt, no dairy or egg, no sugar or fructose, no soy or whey protein, no nuts or cholesterol. It really is an amazing, healthful product and we use it in our home every morning.

Another good one is the Quantum Greens Mix by Premier Research Labs. I love this brand, they are a tad on the pricey side but worth every penny in my opinion.

De Souza’s Liquid Chlorophyll is another good supplement and can be added to your morning smoothie. *Note – it makes green poo, lol.

Hope that helps and thanks for visiting my blog.

Hello mama, well, as a fellow mother I completely understand your fears and your dilemma. I went through it too, but from the other side: I’m vegan, but I didn’t raise my son to be one. I just couldn’t as much as I wanted too and it really really really pained me. I’m talking sleepless nights and abundant stress. It was just too important to me not to deny him his right to freedom of choice. Of course I taught him not to harm creatures and I talked profusely about animal slaughter, but still he chose to eat meat because I think, his dad did. Well, fast forward to his seventeenth year on the planet and he’s just now started to ride the vibes of a vegetarian lifestyle. Yeah, I had to wait a long time for him to arrive. But it was ultimately his decision all the way.OK, well, I just wanted to tell you this, not to preach or pontificate or waste your time but just to make you aware that our situations have been similar and that I know (I really know) how hard it is to sit back and watch your child do something which you feel in your heart, is wrong.There are so many websites and books that can explain veganism far more eloquently than I, so I will point you to a
Offers 57 health benefits of going vegetarian.
Has an interesting article for parents who are concerned about their children adopting Vegetarian and Vegan dietary habits. Lindsay Nixon, author of the article and herself a life long Vegan, offers statistics and useful data. (The Vegetarian Resource Group)
Offers a wonderfully helpful article for teens who are worried to tell their parents of their wish to adopt a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. Some fantastic advice here.

The book: The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health by T. Colin Campbell is probably one of the best scientific based works ever, promoting the values of a Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle. This book is available from

I strongly urge you to get this book if you can, it is mind blowing and filled with all the scientific debates, stats, evidence and proof that as a mother who obviously loves her daughter very much, would want to know. Peace & Love.

P.S. If you want to chat a little more personally, mama to mama, here’s my email.

Welcome to the family darling! The need to manifest what you feel to be true in your heart, already makes you what you desire to become —- a hippie! Just listen to that inner voice and let it guide your feet.It can be tough when we grow away from our childhood friends, it can make us feel lonely and set us apart. The trick is in finding our own happiness away from the herd.If you’ve already tried and haven’t had any luck finding like minded individuals at school, you can always look for the esoteric and health food stores in your town and go hang out there. These little shops are excellent resources because they often have message boards where people post fliers for meet-ups and events, festivals and gatherings like drumming or chanting for peace and a lot of these events are free. If you place yourself in the right setting, it is so much easier to make friends.Ask yourself what “holistic” means to you and find a way to do it. For some its lighting candles and incense and eating healthily or following a spiritual path, for others its doing volunteer work with the under privileged, homeless, sick or elderly. And some do all of this and more. It just depends on your personality. Whatever you choose, how much or how little, is all OK.

Be patient with yourself. Love the person you are becoming. This is an exciting time for you sweetie, you are transforming and it’s worth celebrating this moment in your life. Years from now, your 30 year old self will look back and thank you for not being too stressed about what is going on now. Peace & Love XX.

Good for you! It’s not easy making changes and now that you’re not having dairy, isn’t it frustrating finding out how many food items actually contain milk? I am so happy for you but I can’t take any credit, the information and fight against the consumption of milk has been going on for longer than I’ve been alive (thankfully I’m not that old, lol). But yay for you. Peace & Love.

And for anyone else experiencing a similar problem with impaired digestion (Dyspepsia).

I meant to write this yesterday but I completely ran out of time. The day before last I roasted some aubergines (eggplant) on my stove top to make Baba Ganoush and if you’ve ever done this, you know what sort of burnt on mess it can create. So I totally couldn’t rest easy until I took care of it. We’re good now. Everything’s clean, lol.

Some herbs and seeds have great digestive aid qualities. Some work by helping to disperse and dispel gas whilst others by nature of their bitterness, help to promote digestive juices, peristalsis and the flow of bile. We need our stomach, intestinal tract and liver to work in harmony otherwise regular bowel movements are an impossibility.

To be clear, I am not a Naturopath or a qualified herbalist. My knowledge is centered around my own long years of prolonged use and self-experimentation.

Herbs which aid digestion:
(Some people should not take bitters. Avoid bitters if you have gallbladder, kidney, GERD, Hiatus hernia, gastritis, peptic ulcer, dysmenorrhea issues and if pregnant).

Angelica’s concentration of bitters make it an excellent digestive aid especially in cases of nervous stomach and tension-related digestive disorders.

Gentian is also useful for gastro-intestinal inflammation. Gentian root’s bitterness increases gastric secretions, promotes digestion, and calms an upset stomach.

Centuary is an extremely bitter herb, and a very useful one. The use of centuary is ancient, and its use is mentioned in Greek mythology. A half cup of centuary tea before meals can be taken to improve digestion and prevent heartburn, gas and bloating.

The bitter principles in chamomile stimulate the gastric juices, making it excellent for the liver and digestive system. It calms nausea, and relieves gas especially in cases of nervous excitability.

Boldo is a South American remedy for indigestion. Drink this bitter tea before meals improve digestion and prevent heartburn, gas and bloating.

The Artemisias : Mugwort is a bitter tonic that stimulates digestion and relieves gas and is more palatable than the closely related wormwood. Artemisia dracunculus, better known as tarragon has an aromatic property reminiscent of anise which adds mouth watering flavor to any dish, as well as acting as a digestive aid. To get the full value of tarragon, use the fresh herb, as it loses much flavor and potency in the drying process. Hop extracts relax smooth muscle, especially that of the digestive tract. Hops are therefore used in combination with other herbs to treat such disorders as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and nervous stomach. In cold infusion of horehound is a bitter tonic to the digestive system. Scientific evidence also shows that, as marrubiin breaks down in the body, it strongly stimulates bile production.

I take homemade Olive Leaf capsules everyday. Olive is the king of plants, to me. It is well worth researching.

Carminative Herbs:
Main action of carminative herbs is to soothe the gut wall, ease griping pains and reduce the production of gas in the digestive tract.

Aniseed, Dill, Peppermint, Cardamom, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger, Fennel Seeds (one of the most important carminative herbs, can be chewed or brewed into a tea). Juniper and Hyssop.

Because of my frequent use of herbs, I buy in bulk. The company I use here in the USA is and when I lived in the UK, I used Both companies offer competitive prices and they ship really quickly. Sorry, I’m not sure about other countries. I am in no way affiliated to either of these businesses so I can’t totally vouch for them, all I know is my own personal experience being a customer. (The only money I’ve ever made in my life came from making art and graphic design).

I like to make my own herbal capsules because I am really picky about taste. Once the herbs are capsulated there is no flavour at all. For this I use a size 00 Capsule Machine which I purchased from mountain rose herbs for $13.50 and with that I use size 00 vegetarian capsules. It’s such an easy contraption and it saves me hours. If you are considering using herbs, you might also want to invest in a little electric coffee grinder. Some of the herbs are available already in powdered form but I like to buy mine cut and do the grinding myself, I don’t know, I feel it’s somehow fresher. That’s it for now. If I think of any more, I’ll post it. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Xx

Well, thank you so much sweetheart.Gosh, that’s bad news and what’s so sad about it, is how common the problem. Just so you know, I’m not a nutritionalist or a doctor, the best I can do is offer my perspective, which I am happy to do.If you haven’t already done so, it might be worth your while to get checked for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Constant bloating is one of the main symptoms of IBS. As is Candida and the two are often linked. Celiac sufferers also experience swollen abdomens. Living with bloating is no fun and it takes all the joy out of life so I urge you to see a medical doctor or an alternative health practitioner.Are you already on a vegetarian diet? Because if you’re  not, I wouldn’t advise going vegan. If you are experiencing constipation, more fibre intake would be the sensible option but my concern here, would be if you’re already taking purgatives (laxatives) and not experiencing the desired results. From time to time people get blocked up for all manner of reasons but some can be more dangerous and problematic than others.

Vegetarians and vegans suffer from gas an awful lot. Our meals, which mainly consist of raw vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes which are all high in fibre, actually causes gas because to put it simply, during the digestion process, the fibre feeds the bacteria in our intestines and this produces gas and subsequently flatulence. To remedy this, a lot of us eat enzymes along with our meals such as Papain which comes from the Papaya, Ficin from the Fig and Bromelain from the Pineapple, these are all proteolytic (protein-breaking) enzymes. Nuts and dehydrated fruits can also create a hard bloated belly for some. So, this is just to give you a heads up.

There are so many different reasons for why stomach bloating occurs, it can range from poor digestion to not drinking enough water. But I would urge you to keep a journal and record everything you eat and highlight the foods which seem to cause discomfort. It may not be any one type of food by itself, it may be a combination of foods that are hurting you. But there is always a pattern. Wish I had a more direct answer for you sweetie. Peace & Love. Xx

Wow. Let’s see…

    1. Can I have a thrift shop that also sells vinyls and art? Because that would be really cool.
    1. I’m a barefooted hippie earth mama but I also lurveshoes. Choosing would cause too much trauma.
    1. No phobias of feet. I dig a good foot massage. My hubbie, to quote Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction is “the foot fuckin’ master”.
    1. I live creatively. Think creatively. Do creatively. I make art. I write.
    1. All those accessories. I like body decoration too, like henna (mehndi), bindi’s, decorating my dreads…
    1. Would only keep an exotic pet if it is in danger from the outside world, otherwise it would not be conscionable to me to keep it in captivity. I couldn’t do snakes though or anything that requires feeding it live creatures.
  1. The one I had last night…. I was packing a backpack because I was traveling somewhere and instead of clothes I was stuffing it with hummus. Wtf?
This seems to be a popular question. The three websites below offer scientific facts promoting the longterm health benefits of the Vegetarian and Vegan
Offers 57 health benefits of going
Has an interesting article for parents who are concerned about their children adopting Vegetarian and Vegan dietary habits. Lindsay Nixon, author of the article and herself a life long Vegan, offers statistics and useful (The Vegetarian Resource Group)
Offers a wonderfully helpful article for teens who are worried to tell their parents of their wish to adopt a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. Some fantastic advice here.The book: The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health by T. Colin Campbell is probably one of the best scientific based works ever, promoting the values of a Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle. This book is available from

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An episode of the Phil Donahue Show from 1990. The panel: River Phoenix, Lisa Bonet, Raul Julia, John Robbins discuss vegetarianism, veganism, environmentalism, vaccinations, breast-feeding, ecology, rain forests, health, well-being, activism, Diet for a New America, etc. Via youtube in 5 parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Thank you. Here is a good place or alternatively my email. Xx
1. Bad hygiene and unsanitary behaviour. Can’t stand it when people spit in the streets. And that thing where they block one nostril and expel the contents of the other onto the pavement. YUCK!2. Narcism. People who put down other people’s appearance to boost their own self esteem. There is a saying which I carry close to my heart and it goes like this: “The skin you scorn today, might be yours to wear tomorrow.”3. Pushing. It is so rude. I strongly dislike when people push me out of the way because they are in a rush.4. Bad table manners. When people chew with their mouths open. Loud chewing and swallowing. People who don’t correctly use and hold a knife and fork. Bad etiquette irks me.

5. Bad manners in general.

Hi Tilly, I can understand your frustration because I have found myself in similar situations in the past where I felt compelled to fight for my beliefs. It is not pleasant.It took me a while to realise that I am under no obligation to explain my behaviour, to anyone. And even longer to muster up the guts to put that realisation into practice. Having done so, today, I am a more confident individual.There is a difference between healthy, open, learned discussion and bullying. When it comes to scientific reasoning in regards to Veganism or Vegetarianism, the panel is split. Science is not absolute, it is constantly evolving as we evolve. And you could probably do a much better job than me with researching all the facts online. What I’m trying to get at Tilly, is this: no matter how much scientific evidence we have promoting the cause of Veganism and Vegetarianism, for some people it will never be enough if they are hell-bent on their own systems of belief. For example, Darwin’s Evolution. There is enormous scientific evidence to backup this theory, yet millions of Creationists around the world refuse to believe. And the same deal with the Big Bang Theory. Millions of people would rather not believe the Universe created itself even though the most advanced scientific minds support the idea.I completely understand your position and your feelings for wanting to prove your beliefs, it is human to want to be accepted. But may I offer an alternative viewpoint? Instead of trying to fight for their acceptance of you and your Uncle’s girlfriend and her son, step back and take a look at your karmic role/function in this scenario. It is entirely possible that in this situation, you are meant to be a spiritual teacher and peace maker. Using your own open heart as a guide and by example of your own compassionate nature and gentleness, show them the real meaning of acceptance. Make your family aware that you love and accept all of their idiosyncrasies and how important it is for them to be equally as accepting and non-judgemental.

If you think the situation might become explosive, try writing them a letter and send it out in advance. Address your fears over their disapproval and outline your hopes for a joyous and unified family event. My thoughts are with you dear. Much love and best of luck. Xx

My husband has the same issue. He’s thin all round but lately he’s sort of developed this little pooch. I don’t know what else to call it. He looks pregnant lol. Toning is the best way forward, if your problem is sagging skin as opposed to actual fat. If there is a layer of fat, you will need to lose that in order to see abdominal muscular definition (your abs).Exercise routines will vary depending on your gender. For women, it’s helpful to target the pelvic muscle and to tighten that lower area. Tummy exercises can be divided into upper tummy and lower tummy crunches. For the upper tummy you are required to do sit-ups. For the lower tummy you have to do what is called reverse crunches.Might sound funny, but you may want to look into abdominal bloating. It maybe that your issue is not fat at all. No harm in covering all the bases. Xx
Hello nice to meet you.  Veganism is a marvelous journey and no doubt will lead you down the path to nutritional wisdom. It makes one more aware of the environment, of social struggle issues and socio-political conflict. It’s been my experience that Vegans are an extremely aware bunch of people. The very nature of their dietary habits means they are constantly learning, researching, adapting and experimenting – all the fun stuff of life.I wouldn’t think it is dangerous to make an immediate switch unless of course you suffer from heart irregularities, blood pressure issues, diabetes etc. In which case, you might want to make your transition more slowly so as not to shock your system into doing something it oughtn’t.It is important to remember that certain foods can have the same effect on your body as those drugs with addictive qualities, especially if you have been consuming these foods your entire life.Going ‘cold turkey’ means you will experience a few side effects as your body purges itself of toxins and toxic build-up. Dire cravings, herxing (Herxheimer recation), headaches, irregular bowl movements, colds and flu symptoms, tiredness and general feelings of short temperedness, are symptoms not unheard of when making an immediate dietary transition.

Is it an option to go the path of Vegetarianism before making the switch to Veganism? I’m just asking because a lot of people find this option to be the most desirable and the least taxing on the the body. If it were me, I would do a fast/detox first to clean out my system, re-align my body’s equilibrium and make it ready to receive new sources of nutrition.

Can Veganism help with eating disorders? Tricky question. I guess it would depend on the emotional reasoning behind the disorder. For example, if a person were to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, I don’t think any dietary habit alone could resolve the issue. One would need to address the hurt within first, before moving forward with any life changing decisions. If a person is truly overweight, meaning that their overall mass exceeds what is healthy to live a normal life, then I would I have to say a diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruit would certainly be a healthier choice. You know, overweight Vegans do exist. If one consumes pasta and bread and cereals packed with sugars a few times a day and on a daily basis, its going to be hard to keep to a desirable weight.

It’s all about regulation not starvation. Continue to make healthy, informed decisions. Love your body by treating it with respect. Feed it nourishing fuel by realising what the needs of your cells are. And most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon. It’s OK to make a little detour every now and then, this is how we learn and it is all part of the great process of self-discovery.

Also, there a lots of fellow Vegetarians and Vegans who very lovingly support my blog, some really great people. So if you are ever in need of a little support, don’t be afraid to reach out. We love to help and share stories. Xx

I am a thin woman. I believe it is somewhat genetic and partially dietary. Last I checked, I weigh 84 lbs. I have never consciously starved myself to lose weight. Whilst 84 lbs might be right for me and my frame, it might not be healthy for a naturally larger individual. Peace. Xx
Fantastic news! Parasite cleansing is still a taboo subject because it IS disgusting. Well done to you for deciding to re-claim your intestines and ultimately your life. Do check out one of the many forums at Cure Zone. It is a wealth of information if you are willing to sift through and separate the obviously stupid advice from the real. People on there are really nice and helpful and open to communication and the long term battlers openly share their experiences. There are two forums on cure zone dedicated to parasite cleansing. One is natural and is focused on the use of herbs and the other gives advice on the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Best of luck. Xx
Thank you darling, so sweet of you to say. It’s actually fallacy that we need to consume vast amounts of protein to survive. Referring to meat, not as “meat” but as Protein is just another way the meat industry are trying to hammer the word by association into our consciousness. If you’re eating fruits and vegetables and getting enough calories, protein deficiency is virtually an impossibility.Many times the mention of vegetarianism and veganism elicits the predictable reaction, “What about protein?” To this the vegetarian might well reply, “What about the elephant? And the bull? And the rhinoceros?” The ideas that meat has a monopoly on protein and that large amounts of protein are required for energy and strength are both myths. While it is being digested, most protein breaks down into its constituent amino acids, which are reconverted and used by the body for growth and tissue replacement. Of these twenty-two amino acids, all but eight can be synthesised by the body itself, and these eight “essential amino acids” exist in abundance in non-flesh foods. Dairy products, grains, beans, and nuts are all concentrated sources of protein. Cheese, peanuts, and lentils, for instance, contain more protein per ounce than hamburger, pork, or porterhouse steak. A study by Dr. Fred Stare of Harvard and Dr. Mervyn Hardinge of Loma Linda University made extensive comparisons between the protein intake of vegetarians and flesh-eaters. They concluded that “each group exceeded twice its requirement for every essential amino acid and surpassed this amount by large margins for most of them.”For many Americans, protein makes up more than twenty percent of their diet, nearly twice the quantity recommended by the World Health Organisation. Although inadequate amounts of protein will cause loss of strength, excess protein cannot be utilised by the body; rather, it is converted into nitrogenous wastes that burden the kidneys. The primary energy source for the body is carbohydrates. Only as a last resort is the body’s protein utilised for energy production. Too much protein intake actually reduces the body’s energy capacity. In a series of comparative endurance tests conducted by Dr. Irving Fisher of Yale, vegetarians performed twice as well as meat-eaters. By reducing the non-vegetarians’ protein consumption by twenty percent, Dr. Fisher found their efficiency increased by thirty-three percent. Numerous other studies have shown that a proper vegetarian and vegan diet provides more nutritional energy than meat. Furthermore, a study by Dr. J. Iotekyo and V. Kipani at Brussels University showed that vegetarians were able to perform physical tests two to three times longer than meat-eaters before exhaustion and were fully recovered from fatigue in one fifth the time needed by the meat-eaters.As long as you are eating veggies, fruits and pulses (legumes) on a daily basis, you shouldn’t have to worry. Xx

I love you too Brianne. You are an amazing young woman. I don’t have a daughter, I have a 17 year old son but I think the parenting or at least the general advice given to both genders are similar.I’ll share a little private moment with you… This morning, as my son was eating breakfast, he and I had a talk about the issue of self-loathing. He really lacks confidence and beats himself up a lot because for the most part, he doesn’t feel worthy or good enough. It really breaks my heart as a mother and as his friend. He is a very bright kid, with so much to offer but he has these doubts about himself, you know? He was in no shape to go to school after our talk so I gave him the day off and basically told him to go and do something physical like running or other exercise in order to work out his aggression. I know, that no matter how much I love my son and no matter all the different ways I try to show it, he will experience these negative self image issues as long as he continues to hate himself.Learning to love yourself and becoming comfortable with the skin you are in, relies partly on your ability to forgive all of those things that you don’t like about being ‘you’. Try and see these ‘flaws’ from a different perspective because everything is useful and has the ability to become a strength. Trouble strikes when we allow our base emotions to take control of our Higher Mind, then our ‘flaws’ become weaknesses and liabilities within our character.I went through the same thing as a child. My mother always told me I was ugly and that I wouldn’t amount to anything. It got worse as I hit my teenage years because the more people noticed me, the more she insulted me in private and in public. I can’t tell you how much this made me cry and I kept asking myself why I was ever born. Even as a child my daily thoughts were of suicide. But, then I grew up. Boys started noticing me and I got into modeling and suddenly strangers started telling me I was beautiful. Over the years, I came to realise that I was never ugly at all. My mother said those awful things because of her own insecurities and self-hatred which she tried to pass down to me. Well, she succeeded because I hated myself for the longest time and I refused to believe in the many compliments I received. Instead, I started seeing ‘enemies’ where there weren’t any. Whenever I got a compliment on my looks, the first question I would ask was “what are you after?” Sad but true. Many years later, I am happy to report I am no longer that person. But it took a long time and a lot of soul searching. I had to learn to forgive my self-hatred. Forgive my mother for her troubles and neglect of my emotional well being. So, I do know first-hand what you are experiencing my dear.

It’s an uphill struggle Brianne. Once those doubts set in, they are little devils to get rid of. Take everyday as it comes. Keep in mind that each day is a new opportunity for bravery and for trying something new, maybe with your hair, clothes or make-up or general attitude. When it comes to making friends, we don’t need many. One good one is worth ten average ones. Of course we would all love to be popular but being popular comes with a lot of responsibility – when you are popular, you have to try and please everybody, an impossible task!

Sweetie, you have a lot of natural warmth. I can feel it in every one of your messages and this tells me that you have so much to offer the World. If people fail to see these beautiful qualities straight away, give them time. Be patient and they will come to appreciate you for who you are – some might even love all the little things you hate about yourself! And for those people who just don’t ‘get you’, well, screw ‘em! They are missing out on your friendship, not the other way around. OK?

You are good enough. You are a beautiful, strong, confident and talented young woman. This world is your oyster baby. If I, a stranger, can feel love for you, the love from one soul to another, surely you can try and love yourself a little bit more. You are so worth while honey. Promise you’ll try? XX

Hey everbody, Brianne needs a lil’ extra lovin’. Can you please send her some messages of encouragement? I’m sure she will appreciate it.

I’m such an old hippy, I just wanna shout “group hug!” Xx

Because each comment carries a link back to the blog of the person who wrote the message (unless they write in using anon). I like to think that folks scrolling through my blog, might see an icon or read a comment they find interesting and might click through to the blog owner thus discovering new information they might not of otherwise found. We all have something to share. Does that make any sense, lol? It’s all love. Xx
Because the Media is only interested in making money. Scandal sells. Provocation sells. “He who controls the media, controls the masses” I forget who coined that phrase, but it is true. I think people in general are a mixed-bag. They may choose to pursue an interest in a single subject area but it is impossible for that area not to bleed into another topic. Everything is connected and humans love to learn. Learning is adaptation. Adaptation is survival. Survival is our ultimate goal. Problems arise though, when fanaticism comes into play. Fanaticism over anything be it politics or religion, will lead to trouble of the kind that takes lives. But for the folks who choose just “one thing” as you say, perhaps they are just looking to simplify their lives. Not all of us are philosophers and that’s OK. You are an interesting chap greydeleon. Xx
I hear exercise is good. Other than that, good ol’ will power. Xx
Gosh, thank you! It’s so nice of you to say this because I am inspired by so many people. Yes, I do believe it is a sign of the times. Change is in the air, it is all around us. Just look at all the riots and demonstrations and of course WikiLeaks. I do believe more of us are looking to be free from the the limitations of governmental policy. Xx
Friendship, absolutely. Romance is wonderful and gives us the attention we crave from those we love but one day when i’m very old and very grey and i’ve reached the jumping off place, I would like to be holding the hand of the person that I consider my dearest and most treasured friend. Xx
I do like to yes. Very much. Sticking it to the Man and all that… Oooh there’s been a few but the one that sticks in my mind the most, was the time some friends and I saved a portion of a forest from capitalist idiots who wanted to cut down ancient oak trees and lay tarmac down for a road. We camped out in the trees, laid down boards to form a somewhat flat surface and pitched a tarp overhead. Sort of a make-shift tent. It was lots and lots of fun. I was very young and I got a date out of the process… a policeman of all people, lol. It didn’t last. Xx
Yes. Started out as a Vegetarian, the shift to Veganism was a natural one and happened very quickly. I really didn’t notice I was doing it. I was a precocious child and always very picky and mindful about my food. We were hard up when I was a kid so things like sweets and cakes were never on the menu so I never really got the taste for it. To this day, i’ve never even had a soda drink. Wouldn’t know what Coca-Cola tastes like. You can’t really miss what you’ve never had and it never crosses my mind to try it. Especially now that I am grown and more educated about the health hazards of certain foods. Alcohol, I’ve just never had it. Perhaps because there was violent alcoholic abuse in my family when I was a small child. Peace & Love. (I adore your picture, is that you getting married? If so, congrats!!!) XX
Do you have all day? Because I could go on and on and on about my anger towards that 1% of the worlds richest who control and dominate and care nothing for the sick, the poor, the hungry, the destitute, the abused, the young and the aged… Anyone who is completely self-serving gets my wrath. The protests are fantastic but I do wish we could unify ourselves. They have the money but we have the power. The power of numbers. If all the people of the world came together with one voice and one aim, it would shake the very foundations of our society and strike fear into the hearts of those who wish to control us. The time must come when they learn that they cannot treat us the way they do. If we are indeed all equal, why are we not treated equally? Xx
Three going on Four years. He drives me nuts most days, but I wouldn’t be without him. Xx
My current place is really small too, it’s a charming little cottage with plenty of features that I like but we are rather short on floor space. Here are a few things I did, which you might find useful. I placed my bed in a corner and I threw a giant heavy velvet coverlet over the mattress which hangs to the floor. Because it’s in a corner, it is backed against two walls which creates the perfect situation for cushions and pillows. I have tons of them and they are arranged in such a way that the bed looks like a Moroccan day bed slash couch. Very comfy.Rugs are a good idea, even if they are threadbare. Look for colours and patterns which both clash and compliment — as long as they follow the same theme it will be alright and add to the eclecticism.When it comes to creating a bohemian/gypsy/hippie vibe, it’s more important to pay attention to textures. Fabric is the most cost effective way to give you that feeling you are after. Material that is hand woven, or crocheted, velvet is a good one, embroidery, tapestry. You can hang them on the wall, pin above your bed to create a canopy or simply throw them over furniture you want to hide.I’ve never really liked a bare doorway, so I put curtain poles above them and hang overly-long curtains which are semi-sheer (I sewed pom pom fringing down the sides for a little playfulness).

If you are short on kitchen cupboard space, hammer a few nails into the walls and hang your pots and pans. I did this and the overall look is rustic and bohemian. Just be artistic and creative and remember to have fun with it. These are just a few tricks I’ve learned over the years. Xx

Guess what? I’m your biggest fan too!!After asking his permission, he said it was fine to post a photo of him. This is my husband who also happens to be my best friend.No relationship is perfect, it takes a lot of work to live harmoniously with another person. A lot of growing, spiritually and emotionally. A lot of giving and taking. Patience and understanding.

The most special gift that I have received through my marriage and one which I never conceived of when embarking on this journey is simply this —- In trying to reach a better understanding of the nature of my husband, his personality and character quirks, I have somehow come to a better understanding of myself. Of who I am. And of what I am capable of and most importantly: the person I want to become.

The first two years of any marriage is the hardest, so they say. I suppose it is all the adjusting and setting of boundaries and inner-exploration. Well, we are over the two year mark now and whilst we still have a few kinks to iron out, the important thing is, we do it together as partners and best friends.

We try to keep the compassionate heart open and each mutual decision is made with the others best interest in mind. Time will tell my dearest one, but for now, I sure am enjoying the ride!! Xx

Ha ha. Yes, I know. I do live in Cali, very close to the beach. Xx
Thought provoking question, indeed. Hmm. It’s been my experience that the trait of over-rationality seems to be more prevalent in people who over think problems. The analytical mind. It’s very easy for the analytical mind to tie itself up in knots. It’s as though they are perceiving pictures within pictures, sort of like two mirrors reflecting upon each other —- the reflected images are endless. Over rationalisation can become like this, eventually. So to answer, I would not say it is all together a bad thing. One must have the capacity to rationalise in order to get the best out of life and the best out of the people who surround us in our immediate world. But, rationality should not obscure focus. Focus is very important if one is not to become sidetracked and overwhelmed.Does rationality equate wisdom? Partially. By its very nature, rationality has the capacity to be just cold logic. Can cold logic be classed as wisdom? Well, it depends upon who is doing the judging.I think compassion equates to wisdom, most definitely. Before you think of hurting someone, think compassionately. Before you think of hurting yourself, think compassionately. Of all the emotions available to humankind, the ability to be compassionate (especially under extreme duress) can be seen as our saving grace. Thanksgreydeleon, I enjoyed your question very much. Xx

I choose not to eat it. I don’t think anyone is supposed to eat glue, which is exactly how gluten behaves. My husband has Celiac, although he is just starting to find this out. He feels awful whenever he eats bread or pasta. It’s very troublesome. How long since you’ve been diagnosed? Xx
Absolutely. The three most commonly used herbs for the female plumbing include Red Raspberry Leaf (rubus idaeus), Chasteberry (vitex agnus-castus) and Wild Yam Root (dioscorea villosa).Research speculates that Red Raspberry contains the chemical  Pycnogenol (an oligomeric procyanidin, or OPC) which can help in reducing cramps.It is believed that Chasteberry is a natural source of the progesterone hormone. Research shows that insufficient progesterone levels may cause all sorts of menstrual problems such as short, early, heavy, too frequent or no periods (amenorrhea), luteal phase defects, and raised levels of the prolactin-pituitary hormone (which is responsible for breast tenderness in PMS and early menopause). A few studies show that the use of Chasteberry extract may help with perimenopause (the early stages of menopause), PMS, menstrual cramps and bloating and other menstrual disorders. Simply taking one capsule of Chasteberry daily during the day for 2 months may be helpful.Wild Yam is a good example of an herb that is widely known and yet undervalued; with a much wider range of action than its modern designation as a “hormonal” herb, and even in this respect there are misconceptions. The Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) is the rhizome of a delicate vining plant that grows on the edges of woods and thickets in the eastern U.S. It is a cousin to many more tropical species, including those Mexican Yams from which hormones were synthesized, and only distantly related to edible yams. Its actions include anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and muscle-relaxing effects and mild hormonal effects. Some of these properties are due to certain steroidal compounds and pre-cursors from which its anti-inflammatory and hormonal effects are derived. It is widely thought that Wild Yam has an obviously progesteronic effect, including lay use as an aid in birth control; and yet research has shown, and some effects suggest a partially estrogenic effect. This would speak to how herbs can more safely be used without completely disrupting the body’s balance of hormones. After all, when the ovaries are stimulated by the pituitary, they produce a balance of both hormones, with levels varying according to what is going on in the cycle.
Hey Marc. Nice to meet you. Congrats on the new job, especially given the current state of the global economy.  A possible office romance, huh? Tricky. Well, I’m all for wearing ones’s heart on a sleeve, however in this case I think I would urge you to proceed with caution. Go slow and test the water, especially if you haven’t ‘come out’. In this day and age, there are still people who are threatened by homosexuality – but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about it!Is it a viable option to buy him a drink after work, relieve-the-stress-of-the-day type thing? Talking about yourself in a neutral and relaxing atmosphere, dropping casual hints, putting out feelers… Is probably the safest way to go if you really plan on pursuing this guy.That said, it is a new job after all. It maybe wiser to wait until you are in a more comfortable position with your colleagues before deciding on what action (if any) to take. You probably want something to happen right away but there is a lot to be said for patience. Xx
I’m so sorry. This is upsetting. There is nothing worse than having your trust broken. Has your friend ever lied to you before? Assuming that she did lie, can you think of any reason/s why she might want to break up your relationship?Unfortunately, if he doesn’t want to tell you the truth, there is no way to force it out of him. He has to come to that decision by himself. I guess it depends on how much you care about your boyfriend. Do you care enough to forgive his possible indiscretion? Or would you prefer to break up and start afresh?Once suspicion has entered a relationship, it is very hard to get rid of it. From now on you’ll be second guessing every little thing he does, looking for clues and sometimes seeing things that aren’t really there. It’s a small step to paranoia.Only you can know how much you are willing to put up with and how much you are able to forgive. I don’t think it’s about who’s telling the truth here, I would say it’s more about who you can trust the most – your friend or bf. Listen to your heart but don’t ignore logic entirely. Xx
I’m shy. I probably will though, very soon. Thanks for being interested in me and my blog. xx
It has to do with pasteurisation. Raw nuts and seeds are not treated or steamed.
Good for you sweetheart. It is not an easy choice to make. People judge when they are scared. Its the collective mentality thing. The friends who thought they knew you are suddenly seeing a different side to you that they didn’t know existed. I guess they feel threatened. Tell them that words hurt. Your true friends would be more inclined to try and understand your choice rather than ridicule you for it.I went through something very similar. School was horrible for me. The best advice I can give is not to give in to pressure and to remain yourself. When someone is being mean, say something like: “I am sorry you are unable to understand and accept the choices I make regarding my own life” and then walk away. Leave them with that little puzzle hanging in the air. It is impossible to educate people who don’t want to be educated so don’t waste your time trying.Remain elegant in your dealings with these people and don’t lower yourself into a slinging match of verbal abuse. Smile knowingly (because you DO know). Remember, you are under no obligation to explain yourself to your peers. The ones who genuinely like you will accept you for who you are even if they can’t fully understand.Cravings are horrible! But it’s normally because we have become addicted to certain substances within a food group. Chocolates come in a variety of styles. The dark un-sweetened chocolates with a higher density of cocoa are better for you, they contain less sugar and because they are so chocolatey and rich, a small square will curb your cravings. Store bought cookies are packed with flavourants and preservatives and unnecessary amounts of sugars. Try making your own. Find a recipe that you like and substitute white sugar for brown and use half the amount. Throw in some nuts and dried fruit, it will make the cookies more substantial and filling. At least this way you don’t have to completely give up everything you like and you will be in control of the ingredients that go into your body. It’s OK to treat yourself every now and then, don’t feel guilty, just be responsible. Good Luck. XX
This is tough and terribly controversial. I am SO torn. As a vegan and an avid non-killer of any species (I can’t even bring myself to swat a mosquito, in this respect I am very Buddhist) taking sentient life is abhorrent to me. But I LOVE fashion! My closets are overflowing with vintage and antique pieces, so I understand the attraction to vintage fur.What kind of a world would this be if we couldn’t express individuality through our choice of clothing? Hey, if you love your fur jacket then wear it. To hell with what other people think. Do you want to dress for yourself or dress to suit other people’s idea of correctness?
I would never dream of destroying another’s property. Throwing paint over someone is vicious and spiteful. It doesn’t make a point. It just makes people angry and creates further conflict.Look at Kate Moss, she’s always swanning around in her vintage fur pieces and I think she looks fabulous! Part of her secret is not caring about what other people think – the only opinion that truly matters is her own. Work it girlfriend. More power to you. XX
My dress style or my life style? Fashion-wise, I am very eclectic and I dress to suit my moods. I can’t wear certain pieces if I am not “feeling” it. I’m pretty much hooked on the 70’s hippie/beach/glam rock look and I am a total sucker for the 60’s mini mod dress and the ubiquitous cat eye flick. As for my life style, well, I write about that in my personal blog. XX
Interesting you picked up on this. I wouldn’t say I have been consciously promoting images of thin women. I think I gravitate towards the thinner frame because this is the body type that I understand. I know how to dress it and how to make it look good. I am a thin person. I weigh 84 lbs, not due to any eating disorders. I’m just thin. I’ve somehow maintained the same weight now as when I was 13 and that was ages ago. I don’t seem to fluctuate at all.However, I am glad you brought this up. It was only a short while ago that we were targeting fat people.  It was totally normal to use the word “fat” in a public conversation. Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to aim that adjective at another person. So we have words like “curvy” and sentences like “real women”. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but the fact is, obesity is more of a problem now than it was 20 years ago!The polarity of social thought has really shifted and is now at the other end of an extreme. This isn’t about acceptance or empowerment. It’s about victimisation. How many times have we seen covers of gossip magazines showing thin celebrities with headlines like “skinny…bony…skeletal”? Is this really necessary? As a thin person, I take offense at it. It is hurtful. I can’t help my body type anymore than a large-boned person can help theirs. We are who we are. All this victimisation based upon weight, must stop. We come in all different shapes and sizes and colours and it’s all beautiful. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could train our eyes to see the soul within rather than the body that the soul is wearing? XX
Sugar is an addicting substance and very hard to give up. It acts a lot like heroin when it hits, due to the activated beta endorphin receptor sites which are in our brains. What works for some may not work for all but the one technique you might find useful above all is research. Research as much as you can about the dangers of sugar. Knowledge of what is happening to your body will give you the motivation required to kick the habit. Willpower – dig deep, its in there. Make informed decisions at meal times. Read everything. Every label. Watch out for hidden sugars and avoid snacking on the worse culprits. To kick the sugar habit you will have to make up your mind to be in control of the food you consume rather than be controlled by the substances within the food. This is a useful video by Robert H. Lustig MD …
I wouldn’t say it is abnormal. Although I might be concerned that you maybe confusing sexual pleasure with intimacy and this is dangerous ground.Wash you hands before dinner :/
I am going to assume you are referring to a line in the movie Dazed and Confused. Yeah man, i’m cool. In fact i’m being cool right now. XX
Gosh. I wish I could say I was out sky diving and climbing mountains everyday. No, I lead a very average existence. I’m a homebody. Wake up (make a goofy joke aimed at my husband if its the weekend)… shower… drink my homemade herbal capsules… I don’t really eat breakfast because I am seldom hungry in the mornings, although I aim at having a green veg smoothie… read my emails/blogs… do my art. Art takes up the entirety of my day… My son gets in around 4pm and we hang and talk about his day, his friends and new girlfriend… Dinner is cooked around 6pm… Hubbie walks in at 6:30pm… He sits with me in the kitchen. We laugh. We joke. He always offers a helping hand at whatever task i’m involved with at the time… The evenings, we get cozy and watch foreign movies on Netflix. We are big on documentaries and esoteric tube. XX
Oh, agreed, absolutely. Legumes and fruit and root veg etc all contain sugars. However, proportionally it is marginal and these types of sugars have the added benefits of riding on the backs of other essential nutrients. This is the code our bodies understand and can easily process and make healthy use of. Unfortunately todays diet is largely influenced by the availability of processed foods via our supermarkets and grocery stores. For some, it is more satisfying to get a sugar-rush from an over processed and chemically enhanced cake than to eat directly from the land knowing that those sugars or carbs (as you mentioned) are the vital ones. XX
I think we should try and find out what is causing your sugar cravings. There is normally an explanation for everything, if we look.  Have you been tested for Candida? Candida thrives upon sugar and those inflicted have terrible cravings for the substance. The same goes for other internal parasites. Sugar acidifies the body. The worse culprits are the white sugars, syrups, pastry, chocolate, candy, fruit preserves etc.When the body is acidic, it becomes a natural home to life and health threatening organisms. All life wants to survive. The survival of these organisms depends upon creating the best environment within the host, thus we get certain food cravings and the majority of them are for sweets or the obviously acidic – pickles. If we alkalize our bodies by recognising these cravings and resist from eating them, we begin to create within ourselves an environment which is hostile to bad bacteria and other organisms. So please do check into this. It’s always best to treat the cause rather than the symptom.I’m sorry to say there really are no healthy alternatives to sugar. At present we have a choice between: worse, bad and marginally better. The marginally better include Stevia as a sweetener. You could certainly make your own desserts and replace the sugar with Stevia. As boring as it sounds, even a bowl of fresh fruit and raw nuts with a squirt of Stevia is better for you than a chocolate cheesecake. I know, I’m not winning any fans here. But you did ask. XX
There are so many on the market these days! When shopping for supplements I read labels and avoid the ones with bulking agents and added sweeteners and flavourings etc – they are not good for anybody and defeat the purpose of being healthy. Personally, I use these:The Ultimate Meal it is very nourishing, 2 scoops in my green smoothie in the mornings sets me up for the day. This product is fantastic. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only one free of gluten, soy protein, soy fiber, nuts, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, yeast,eggs, whey, dairy, casein, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine, maltodextrin, ginseng & cholesterol, artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, fillers or ingredients from China.I am also a huge fan of Premier Research Labs their Quantum Greens Mix is marvelous as is the Coral Legend Plus and Aloe Legend.I plan on blogging about this in depth because I get a lot of questions about supplements. XXP.S I should mention that I personally have nothing against ingredients from China. I am just quoting info on the bottle.
It is great that you can be so honest about yourself and your goals – even if you did post anon. OK, lets take a quick look at what pheromones really are and how they work. Wiki explains it best:A pheromone (from Greek φέρω phero “to bear” + hormone from Greek ὁρμή – “impetus”) is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual.[1] There are alarm pheromonesfood trail pheromonessex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented. In addition, some vertebrates and plants communicate by using pheromones.As humans, our pheromones are secreted through our glands, sweat and sexual fluids. Ever fallen in love and found that you couldn’t help from smelling the natural scent of his neck? Yep, pheromones. We have glands on both sides of our neck just under the jaw line. What about the three days before your period starts and during the 5-6 days of your menstruation – have you noticed men seem more attracted to you during this time? Again, pheromones. The time just before your period starts, you are the most fertile and your body sends out its own signals to potential mates. Some men, not all, are very susceptible to the scent of menstrual blood. So, while the scent can be nauseating to our own nostrils, it can be as musk to the male species.Back in the 60’s and 70’s when no one shaved their armpits or wore deodorant, it was easier for our olfactory system to pick up the scent of potential mates – apart from the visual, we are most affected by the scents which seem the most healthiest and vital to us. This is just natural selection, there is nothing mystical about it. This could be the reason why women are so easily put off by a guy with an offending smell – no matter how good looking he is! Through genetic programming, we resist the urge to mate with males whom we might perceive to be sickly or defective. Again, the healthy propagation of the human species and natural selection.Now, to get to the root of your question. Some women (i’ve known a few who attribute their marriages to this technique) avoid all deodorising products, even perfume. Although, if I remember correctly they did use salt crystal to kill the bacteria which cause bad body odour. Man-hunting was aggressively approached during menstruation. They also used their vaginal secretions as a form of perfume – dabbed behind the earlobes, throat and pulse points. Since I haven’t actually attempted this myself, I can’t honestly vouch for it. I just know women for whom it has supposedly worked. The choice is yours. Good luck with your plan and I hope you are able to find the happiness you are seeking. XX
I have just the thing.Ingredients:2 cups dried Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans) soaked overnight,salt,paprika, Grapeseed Oil for frying.Method:Boil the peas for about 1-2 hours until soft. Drain properly. Heat the oil and fry the peas until golden brown and crispy. Flavour with salt and paprika. Can be kept in an airtight container. In India, they call this dish Channa. XXNote: don’t go crazy on these, they are tasty and….fried. a handful every now and then won’t harm the waistline.
Interesting question. I could write an entire book on the subject. I am staunchly against the use of vaccinations and the fact that most are mandatory, this to me, is an attack on our right to freedom. I will continue to fight the system until the day I die. If you want to find out more about the dangers of vaccinations, these links provide useful
Definitely. Think of it as a public service. You can choose to be subtle – leave a bowl of mints on your desk and offer them to him everyday OR be more direct. Take him aside out of earshot, we don’t want to broadcast to the whole office and embarrass the poor guy, tell him it is possible he may have halitosis and it would be nice if he could attempt to get it treated. There is a fantastic natural product on the market called TheraBreath. It’s not tested on animals, is gluten-free and kosher certified. It works like a charm! I know, my husband uses it. XX
Do it slowly. If you stop eating milk, produce and eggs all at once you might find the cravings intolerable and end up eating double. Best to do it in terms of months and set yourself a goal. Put a sticky note on your fridge or mark off your progress on a calendar as a daily reminder. Slowly wins the race 🙂
Hello, I received your message yesterday morning and felt so guilty that I quickly wrote a post in my blog: Living Holistically in a Modern World. Thank you for giving me a nudge, I needed it. I am so new to blogging, I haven’t quite got into my stride yet but it would be very helpful to me if you could offer some suggestions. If I knew what sort of things you are interested in reading, I could write about them. XX
You are correct in assuming most ‘fad’ diets destroy the body and reduce resilience and strength. This is primarily because they are focused on the consumption of the wrong types of foods. Foods which are difficult to digest and consequently put strain on the body. You probably won’t like hearing this, but here goes:Cut out all “white” foods from your diet. This includes bread, pasta, milk, cereals, cheese. Keep sugar to a minimum. Avoid soft drinks and alcohol (alcohol has a bloating effect on the body and also contain hidden sugars). Read your labels when grocery shopping. It is easier to look for the sugar content and source of sweetener i.e High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cane and Palm sugar, than it is to count calories. When a sugar craving hits, attack it by snacking on fresh fruit and raw vegetables such as carrots. These can be pre-chopped and placed in zip-lock bags, ready to be grabbed from the fridge when needed.Do not juice your fruit and stop buying pre-packaged fruit juices. These contain alarming amounts of sugar and will work against your goal of weight loss. Juicing your own fruit is not advisable during the course of your diet because fruits, in liquid form, run right through the intestines as there is hardly anything to be broken down and the sugars are more readily absorbed than say if you were to munch on a whole apple.You didn’t tell me anything about your dietary habits so I am left to assume that you eat meat? If so, grill and bake instead of frying. Keep portions small. Do your own cooking instead of eating out. The majority of restaurants use pre-packaged sauces and frozen foodstuff which arrive already flavoured with nasty chemicals and you guessed it – sugars.Needless to say, cakes and other sweet-treats are a no go until your weight becomes manageable. Exercise frequently – this can just be as simple as walking everywhere instead of driving. It is not necessary to join a gym if you can’t afford it.Other tips include – avoid snacking excessively, especially on the fat forming foods. There is something very strange with the Western world. Somehow we have evolved into thinking that hunger is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs. There is nothing wrong with being a little hungry. Most often than not, the body is hungry for the wrong types of food because this is how it has been programmed over the years. A form of addiction, if you will. Sometimes when we are hungry, we are instead merely thirsty for water. You would be surprised how many times people get the two confused, not because they are silly but because they have not learned how to listen to the needs of their bodies. Water is vitally important. Drink your filtered quota per day and feed your cells and help your body to flush toxins.Detoxing is also a good idea, but you will need to research this yourself and find out which method is more suited to your needs. Best of luck. XX
Sweetheart – thank you for this question. It gave me the giggles all day. (Laughing with you not at you). “Lady type farts” oh my! Yes, it is a real problem, beans do have a lot to answer for. Beans (legumes) cause gas because they contain a sugar, oligosaccharide, that the enzymes in the human body can not break down.Oligosaccharides make it all the way through the GI tract to the large intestine still intact. The bacteria that live in the small intestine break down the oligosaccharides. This produces the gas that must eventually come out of the rectum.By the same principal, other foods that come into the large intestine without being properly absorbed in the small intestine will cause gas. Stress, for example, can cause food to move through the GI tract too quickly to be properly digested, with the end result being gas in the large intestine.Tips:

    • Avoid buying tinned beans, these contain the highest amounts of sugar.
    • Soak your dried beans overnight, discard the water. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.
    • Place soaked and rinsed beans in a pot of water. Bring to rolling boil. Drain in a colander and rinse well under running water. Repeat once more.
      Fill the pot with fresh cold water, add the beans, continue to cook as per recipe instructions.
    • Avoid adding salt to the water. Salt retards water absorption in the beans, resulting in hard beans which are more difficult to digest. Salt can be added after the beans are cooked.
    • If you still find foam residue floating on the surface of your pot of beans, skim it off properly with a large spoon.
  • Adding dried herbs such as Summer Savoury, Epazote and sea vegetables such as dried Seaweed to the water at the simmering stage, will greatly reduce the risk of flatulence.

Beans are little power houses (figuratively lol) and contain a lot of goodies for the body, health and well being. It would be shame to cut them out of your diet completely. Good Luck. XX

A few years ago, a friend of mine heard about meditating for bigger breasts. She tried it diligently for about three months and went up a whole cup size. The power of the mind is something we don’t know too much about right now, all we know is that it works. Basically everyday she would concentrate on her breasts and imagine them swelling and growing and getting larger. It wasn’t long before she started telling me that her breasts had begun feeling tender like they do during menstruation. This is how she recognised something was definitely happening during the early stages. I’m not suggesting this will work for you in the same way but you can try it. There’s no harm. Good luck. Write back and let us know how you’re progressing. This is interesting. XX
I am so sorry for the pain your family is going through. Divorce is hard on everyone involved and unfortunately the process is one that will change your life. Whether the change is positive or negative will largely depend upon your personal experience of this time and your perception and understanding of what is going on around you.I can sense a lot of love. It is clear from your message that you love your parents very much and the love is reciprocated, naturally everyone wants the best for each other. You are correct darling, regardless of the outcome, no one will escape from being hurt. However, this is also a time of emotional growth and of movement. This experience will mature you beyond even your own expectations, since you will find yourself having to cope with the worry, guilt and self blame – the burden of it all.We can turn this situation around a little though, at least in way that will relieve some of the pressure you are experiencing. My advice is this – have a sit down with your parents and ask which one of them needs your support the most. I don’t know the details of the divorce, but I will say this – there is normally always one person who manages better than the other, since we don’t all process our feelings in exactly the same way. Offer a temporary solution – live with the parent who is most in need of your support and nearness during this time. As the months progress and healing begins, you can start to think of a more permanent arrangement. This way, you can buy yourself a little more time and this I feel is necessary because since this decision will affect the outcome of the rest of your life, it is best that you think with a clear head.Do carefully consider the impact of changing schools and friends but do not let these factors become your primary reasons for remaining where you are. For example, if you are unhappy in school, this could be a great opportunity to start a new life elsewhere. Time heals and this will heal and pass.Vegans are no wiser than anyone else. Wisdom is nothing more than being able to make decisions using kindness and compassion as a guideline and we are all capable of doing this. All my love sweetie. XX
Don’t beat yourself up over it. So you made a mistake, big deal. It happens. If you never went through the process of owning a dog you would have never found out that you prefer cats. You are not a bad person, it is OK to choose where and to whom you give your love. This is your right as a human being. The important thing is that you are still caring for her.Have you tried advertising? Take a few cute photos and print out some fliers  and post them around town and in school (if you are a student) or your place of work. Do you want to sell your pet or give her away for free? You might get more interest if you offer adoption. Do some research online and look for dog kennels that take in abandoned and unwanted dogs. These humane organisations are normally run by dog lovers and they won’t allow any harm to come to your pet. The main part of their job is allocating placement to loving homes. Craigslist is also a good idea – not sure which country you are in – but I have seen a lot of pets on sale and up for adoption there. Might be worth checking out. Pet Stores are also good sources of information. You may be able to post a notice in one and they can offer advice on how to get your pet adopted. Good luck. XX
Sounds to me like your conscience is telling you what to do. Listen to your inner voice. There is no (lasting) happiness to be had from making other people miserable. Don’t concern yourself with what your Prof does – my guess is, if it wasn’t you, he would be screwing around with some other young and tender. Take a look at your own actions. Weigh up the consequences and ask yourself if it’s all worth it – in the short and long term. You are not doing anything unnatural sweetheart, sex can be amazing, but your actions are directly affecting the lives of others and not in a positive way. Look, if you want him and I meanreally want him (the good and the bad in his character) then find out for certain how much hereally wants you. If as adults you both decide to become a couple, then do the right thing and tell his wife and bring your relationship into the open. Be prepared to switch colleges or him to transfer. If you find out he is just using you to swell his own ego then stop all activity with him immediately because you deserve a lot more in life than being someones fantasy sex toy. If it were me, I would pay a visit to the wife and tell her what’s been going on behind her back. She deserves to be informed – if she doesn’t already know, that is. I am not judging you darling but I will ask that you think hard about what you would like to happen if the shoe was on the other foot. It is hard enough being a woman, lets try and have a little more sisterhood. XX
I know it is embarrassing but try not to be. All females have a vagina and we have all at one time or another experienced the Dreaded Itch. It often affects me just before my period starts. People use all sorts of natural remedies and I say “remedy” because as yet I haven’t found anything that will cure it completely. First, I would recommend making an appointment with your gynecologist – we need to find out what the root cause of the problem is so we can target treatment more effectively rather than just address the symptom which is the itchiness. If it is found that you have nothing serious going on down there (herpes, warts, etc) then look to your diet. Get tested for Candida because this organism causes thrush. Are you on antibiotics? This has been known to upset the body and cause vaginal itching. Remedies work differently for everybody – its about finding out what your body responds to the most. For me, a quick squirt of a mild percentage of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide after a shower, does the trick. Although I have yet to try it, some women swear by natural unsweetened live yogurt. They basically just spoon it into a tampon applicator and insert it into the vagina. While others mix yogurt and filtered water together in a bowl and sit in it for a while. I’ve also heard Tea Tree oil works but can sting. Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to help a lot of women with the same problem. I’m not a Naturopath or a conventional Doctor. I’m basically just speaking from my own experiences and what I’ve heard from other women. My real advice would be to see a professional and based on the results you can either treat yourself with homemade remedies (there’s a stack of them on the internet) or take the drugs your doctor prescribes. Your body. Your choice. Sorry if I was not too helpful. Good luck and write back if you can. Your journey/experiences could benefit other women. XX
Chickadee, this one is simple. If you don’t feel like having sex, don’t do it. Sounds to me like you are more concerned about what your bf wants and about losing him to some other girl than what you really want for yourself and your body. Virginity is a gift that you give away. The giving can only happen once in each lifetime so choose wisely. Make sure the guy is worthy of it and of you. We want you to have a positive first sexual encounter – this is the ideal for everybody. If you end up regretting your choice, you will regret it for the remainder of your life. Not only this but it could emotionally and psychologically affect your relationship with men in the future. If your boyfriend really cared about you, he wouldn’t use pressure. If anything, he would take care of business all by himself – I am sure he is no stranger to ‘self-loving’. Ultimately, it is your body and your choice. Go with your gut feelings and don’t be persuaded by what your bf wants or your friends think or even what your sister expects. You as an individual have reached a very important crossroad in your life. You alone must decide which path to go down. Choose wisely and be mindful of consequences. XXP.S. I am assuming you are smart enough to insist upon condoms, if you choose to have sex.
What sort of model do you want to become – Commercial or High Fashion/Editorial? There is more consistent money to be made in the commercial field and it is less competitive. Body type matters far less and it would not be a problem if you were more on the curvy side. High End fashion is where all the prestige is but the pay is low. Most catwalk models get paid in clothing – which is nice but it won’t feed you. There is no money in editorial spreads no matter how many pages you cover, even if that magazine is Vogue. The magazines give you exposure and material for your book. That’s all. The real money comes from getting contracts with cosmetic and fashion houses – and then your earning potential becomes almost limitless. At 5’9 be prepared to compete with 16 yr olds who are 5’11. The taller girls will appear to be skinnier than you because everything is more stretched out and elongated. Are you with an agency? My real advice would be to avoid paying out of pocket for photographic material for your book. Your agency, if you have one should take care of this for you. First, they will start off with polaroids or they may send you to one of their trusted photographers. When you start getting jobs and earning money, your agency will deduct the cost of your photos from your salary. Models are freelancers, all an agency does is represent you and pitch you to potential clients. Most models are in eternal debt to their agents. In the LA area, you will find more glamour opportunities but if you are serious and were blessed with the right bone structure (facial + body), your best bet would be to visit NY and make appointments with as manycertified agencies as you can. This will give you an honest assessment of your future as a model. If one of them agrees to take you on, up sticks and make the move. NY is a bigger pool and even though the competition is more fierce, there are better opportunities to be had. You may even be sent to Europe for a while to bulk up your book – places like Paris and Milan. Some girls get sent to Turkey and others to the Far East. It depends not on how beautiful you are but on how much you stand out from the rest. Good luck! XX
Nothing. If your Fructose, Glucose and Galactose intake comes directly from a moderate intake of fesh fruits. The majority of fruits on the market have been genetically altered to produce more Fructose, making them sweeter and thus more marketable. Hardly anything we consume is about health benefits anymore – it’s all about economics. The average person eats 153 pounds of sugar a year, this equates to 1/2 cup a day. Sugar ruins your health. If you tend to fall asleep after meals, have joint pains, headaches, chronic fatigue, constipation or diarrhea, over weight, skin problems, high blood pressure, these can all be signs of a sugar problem. Just two teaspoons of sugar causes our blood chemistry to change and we throw ourselves out of homeostasis – the electrochemical balance needed for health and life itself. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Once the immune system becomes suppressed, the door is opened to infectious and degenerative diseases. The stronger the immune system the easier it is for the body to fight infectious and degenerative diseases. For more info
No. I have never ingested alcohol in my life, thus far.
My entire life thus far. SInce a lady never divulges her age, lets just say over 28 years.Thanks for visiting my blog. XX
I have great success with sandalwood powder as a base. To this I add resins such as frankincense, myrrh and amber. Essential oils are of course fantastic when added to a blend. It all depends really on what type of incense you are trying to make: the stick, cone, block or loose? I mainly make only the loose simply because it is easier and I can burn it on a charcoal disc. Just gather your ingredients, include dried herbs if you want and play around. XX
Absolutely NOT. I think this whole “group” mentality is what is fundamentally wrong with our society. We have so many different camps: the Purists hate the Free Thinkers. The Free Thinkers hate the Radical Right. It is such a mess. I believe in inclusion not exclusion. Sweetheart, just do whatever you feel is right for you and your circumstance and don’t worry about fitting into a certain niche or clique.  It is perfectly OK to not eat meat but still wear leather. Why the hell not? If I was an animal that got slaughtered for food, I sure wouldn’t want any of my body to go to waste. If you kill me, you better use all of me. Really, it depends upon your reasons for wanting to become a Vegan. Is it because (A) you are an animal rights activist? Or (B) you simply want to live a healthier lifestyle? If your answer is A then I would have to say no. It is not alright to wear leather. If B, then yes, why not?
Food wise, no, I do not. Clothing – I wear leather, silk and wool. I am not a staunch purist. I do what I feel and what is right for me and my lifestyle. I don’t really bother about “the rules of the game” and I don’t try to fit into a niche or clique. If one day, I decide against wearing leather then I will stop immediately and adjust my life accordingly.
The same way we all do – by making conscientious decisions. If you are asking whether I feel like I am missing out on anything, the answer is no. For me, the opposite is true. I think I have gained far more through my particular lifestyle. I am happy with my choices and the consequences are relatively few.
For a start I really don’t catch colds and I take care of my health through a combination of diet and exercise and I don’t really expose myself to dangerous situations where I might become maimed. My daily routine consists of herbal capsules and supplements – these by the way are drugs. Just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean that it is not a drug. The very same stuff your doctor prescribes for you, started life as a plant, root, bark, funghi or an organism of sorts this was before it was harvested and taken to a chemical lab. So really my routine is preemptive. No, I do not have insurance. Again, this is part of the system I choose to fight. I think healthcare and education should be free for everybody regardless of circumstance, creed or colour. Ones life should not have to depend upon money. These are just my own personal feelings on the subject.
Sweetheart. This is terrible and my heart breaks for you, truly. I feel somewhat responsible and for that, I can only apologise. Fighting back tears, here.First, I need to commend you on deciding to take control of your ethical life, especially at your age when nothing makes sense and the world and everything in it is scary and confusing. Clearly you are an open minded person of substance.As far as advice, the last thing I should do is side with you against your parents. This will only cause animosity and not help your situation at all. I will say this though: I’ve been around a little longer and it still surprises me how people choose to react when they are afraid. The fear can be over anything, however, change often elicits the strongest reaction. The unknown scares us and sometimes we choose to react in a way that is harmful to ourselves and others. From your parents point of view (and I speak as a parent of a teenager), you represent change in their lives. You are growing, evolving, changing and becoming your own person by making many of your own decisions. Perhaps they took it for granted that you would remain as part of the status quo and simply go along with the flow of life (their reality) which they have been sustaining and promoting since your birth. Your decision to break out of that mould is naturally going to cause a reaction. Most parents are afraid to lose control over their children instead of trusting them to their own instincts.I apologise for the words your father used. There is never any cause to use hurtful words to our children, especially ones as damaging and slanderous as those. I wish more parents would realise that kids keep hold of their hurts. The memories never go away and will affect the quality of their adult life if those hurtful memories are not resolved. Sweetie, the words your dad used actually speak more about him and his state of mind than it does about you and who you are as an individual.In this instance fighting fire with fire is not the best idea. Antagonism can lead to division within the household and you will suffer more because of it.The psychology of what you initially tried to do, was perfect – Educate. Now try it in more subtle forms. Is your mom a good listener? If so, try and get a quiet moment alone with her. Start off by saying how much you love her and the job she has done raising you because you turned into an amazing person. But let her know that it is time for you to start learning to love yourself and one of the ways you have chosen to accomplish this is through consciously deciding about the food you use to nourish your body. Let her know that you care about your health and the world and you would like to have her support and advice. Offer to cook dinner or lunch on the weekends and make it Vegetarian. This will show your independence and maturity. Tag along when they go grocery shopping and ask if it’s affordable to try something new and different. Try and keep the tone of your voice neutral. I know it is difficult. But if you lose control it is likely they will group together against you and lets face it – parents have the last word. No, it’s not fair. I agree.Speak with love and listen with love. Give and take. If they give you a little ground-space to try out Vegetarianism, give something back in return like allowing them into your private life a little more. Tell them things you wouldn’t ordinarily. Trust gains trust. Love and reward works wonders! Little by little sweetheart you can accomplish your desire. Patience is key, here. Wish I could give you a massive, massive hug. Please email me if you need to talk more. I promise I do check my email everyday.Love. XX
I am very tempted to say get a new boyfriend lol. But no, love is hard to find. Lust is everywhere but love, well, when it happens it is beautiful. Sounds weird but charcoal works really brilliantly (same stuff you BBQ with). Put a few pieces in your fridge and it will absorb odours, naturally and fairly quickly. XX
Brianne! Hello darlin’. Just go for it. They don’t have to be permanent, i’ve had my dreads for a long time and I can still comb them out. It’s quite easy really – section your hair off (don’t use rubber bands because they hurt and pull). Back-comb with a fine tooth comb. Twist and roll between your palms. I don’t use any products because I dislike sticky dreads and anyway, stuff like wax and gel only attracts dirt. Natural is best! Go to a hobby shop and look for the finest crochet needle and just tighten your dreads by poking it through. That’s it. Very easy. Dreads require patience, don’t expect them to look good straight away, it takes a few months for them to settle and tighten up on their own. Best of luck on your dread journey. XX Some useful Youtube sites:
Hello beautiful, commercial brands are largely dependent upon where you live in the world. Here in the US, Seventh Generation make some terrific products that perform really well and do exactly what they claim. Good recipes for making your own inexpensive household cleaners include:Plain white vinegar. Just pour it into a squirty bottle. Add your own essential oils to mask the scent. Cleans windows and mirrors flawlessly. I also use this as a room spray after cooking strong smelling food because it is a great natural deoderiser. On upholstery (minus essential oil) to freshen them up.Kitchen counter tops, chopping boards and bathrooms need something a little more serious. Try Hydrogen Peroxide (the cheap stuff at the pharmacy) or if you can get it Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Depending on the strength, you may have to mix it with water. Excellent germ killer and works like bleach so be careful of clothing and other fabrics. Protect your hands with plastic gloves.Baking Soda mixed with water to make a paste gets kitchen and bathroom tiles squeaky clean. Also add a little to your washing cycle and your white clothing will come out like new.Good old fashioned home made lemonade obviously without the sugar. Great at getting rid of stubborn surface stains. Wipe over with vinegar or water to get rid of residual stickiness.
Hi Brianne luv, the thing I love most about my home is that almost every little piece has a story behind it. I’ve never really been one to source mainstream stores, not that they don’t stock pretty things, they do, it’s just I like my furniture and accent pieces to have a little soul. When browsing second hand stores, I pay very close attention to shape and form and I go in with the mind set that it is all Art and just because I am buying a side table, it doesn’t mean it has to remain as the same side table.Lets say, you need a bookshelf and you find a neat little wooden one. It’s a bit cubic, not too interesting, doesn’t quite have that hippie-boho aesthetic you’re after but it’s affordable. Go ahead and buy it. Take it home and knock off the sides. If the wood gets all scratched and beat up in the process, great! This is exactly what we want to achieve. What good is a bookshelf without sides? Well, it’s terrific because it opens up a world of possibilities. Now you can go search inarchitectural salvage yards or anywhere you might possibly find something weighty and interesting enough to work as bookends. Use paint. Any kind. I even use nail varnish if the colour strikes me. The end result of your piece largely depends upon the journey. And that is what is so great about the boho/gypsy/hippie style. It is perfectly imperfect. Try and see everything as Art and think outside the box. Craigslist is a good source for furniture, antiques and bric-a-brac. You can get some amazing bargains. Ask your family too. You  might have an aunt who is dying to get rid of her old 70’s leather sofa!I shop for clothes in the exact same way. I’m always chopping and changing and ripping up and dying. I recently found this awesome black velvet mid-length skirt with gorgeous gold thread embroidery. Very decadent looking. I couldn’t believe someone would throw it out. Of course I couldn’t leave it alone, so I opened a side seam and now I wear it as a cape. The neckline I secure with an old broach. It looks so amazing when worn with retro t-shirt, leather shorts and stack heeled 70’s boots. Whenever I have it on I get scores of women asking to buy it off me. Seriously, there is something to find in every vintage or secondhand store. In the US, Out Of The ClosetBuffalo Exchange and Goodwill are great sources. Ebay is fantastic of you have the patience. I stay away from the trendy vintage stores because they are grossly over priced. Drive around or take the train or bus to local places you wouldn’t normally go to. Really check out your area hard. There is bound to be a cool little vintage or antique shop waiting to be discovered.Love You Too Lady Brianne. XX
yes i do. it has become a very important part of my daily life. when i first started it was sort of a chore, having to consciously remind myself to get into that mindset but now it has become more natural to me and I find myself reflecting, pausing, concentrating on my breathing and just ‘being’ through the day. it is sort of like physical exercise really – once you get into it, it becomes addicting.
If your question incites an overly long answer, you’ve only got yourself to blame :)Vegan diet is by default really healthy, probably more so than vegetarianism mainly because vegetarians tend to consume a lot of dairy – yoghurt, milk, cheese, eggs. We are the only species on the planet to drink milk past infancy. We also choose to drink the milk of other animals –  again, humans are the only animal species who do this.     As babies we produce a high quantity of the enzyme lactase the purpose of which is to break down lactose. As we grow, the production of lactase decreases greatly when the body understands that the nutritional need for milk is no longer a necessity. Dairy farming (huge, huge, billion dollar industry) is a practice in animal cruelty, in my opinion. Cows, like every other mammal, are only meant to produce milk when nursing but to reach the high demand for dairy and dairy produce, cows are forced to produce insane amounts of milk every day via machines and bovine growth hormones which cause infections and disease. Because their bodies are abused and overused, the infections ooze pus. Pus is bacteria which eventually gets its way into the cows bloodstream and into the milk you drink. To remedy this, the cows are injected with antibiotics and pesticides. Every glass of milk you guzzle down, contains these chemicals and thus are absorbed into your system. Read up on it if you want to know more.Gluten is not good for anybody, celiac prone or otherwise. My personal diet is actually very varied. I start each morning off with a green smoothie medley – basically whatever is green and is in my fridge. I don’t eat rice (white or brown) or pasta but I do eat lots of millet, quinoa, lentils, chia seeds, raw nuts, beans and occasionally tofu. Don’t believe all the hype about needing X amount of protein, that was clever marketing made up by the big boys in the 50’s to get people eating more beef and dairy. We as a species require only a small amount of protein in relation to the other vitamins and minerals which we need more of and is naturally found in high doses in plant life.It was a long answer. Apologies. And we’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg. Veganism is an interesting journey and if you do your homework you’ll be surprised by the disproportionate ratio of misinformation purposefully put out by the big boys of industry. Hope I was able to help.
How did a photo blog turn into a discussion on theology? I am confused. I believe in god and the devil about as much as I believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy.
hahaha. was waiting for this one. a little bit of both i would say. hippie in the aesthetics of my personal style (sometimes). I am an eclectic dresser. Some days I will don full on 70’s regalia and pretend to be on my way to Woodstock. Other days I am incredibly hip in platform ankle boots and everything else vintage, loose and torn. When the occasion calls for it, I scrub up quite well and can look fairly sleek and posh. So a little of everything really. Depends on my mood. Gypsy because I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. This is how I learn about the world and whats going on in it. Not through the news so much but more on a grass roots level. Thanks for visiting my tumblr. X
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