ALWAYS wash your fruit and veg before consuming. Fill a sink or large bowl with water, add to that a little sea salt or white vinegar or use a product such as Environne and let them soak for while and then rinse. A little dirt never did anyone any harm? Think again. It is not only dust you are trying to avoid but larvae and pesticides too if you don’t buy organic. The most common parasite larvae found on unwashed fruit and veg is the ascaris lumbricoides and this is something you definitely do not want squirming around in your intestines! They can grow to a foot in length and be as thick as your index finger and are notoriously resistant to most treatments. Most people have them and don’t even know, all they have are symptoms of being unwell which are often attributed to other factors thus the pathogens go unnoticed. People just don’t talk enough about this anymore – ask your grandparents if they remember lining up to get a dose of Castor Oil from the school nurse once a month. This really is the last taboo and those in the medical profession would rather not discuss it – there is money to be made in treating folks for all kinds of symptoms of different illnesses but there is no money in treating the cause and keeping folks healthy and cured. Third world country problems nothing! This is a whole world problem. Since last I checked, parasites don’t need passports. Be warned. Be careful. Remember to wash your fruit and veg!

“So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way.”
Albert Einstein

More on parasites…
There are over 300 varieties of parasites in America alone that can be ingested through the air we breath, water we drink, food we eat and even from simply walking barefoot or petting an animal. Most of us have them and would never know, as doctors themselves have no idea how to even test for most of the different varieties. There are a few ways to kill all the different types, below are the specific outlines for specific breeds. I am a huge fan of herbs and I myself use them for a parasite cleanse, this takes a while longer but is also more effective in the long run.

Fish and meats all have parasites today, high consumption of these foods really makes the body more susceptible to these foreign invaders. Eating fish will eventually lead to a thiaminase deficiency & most likely heavy metal poisoning & parasites. This is a fact. Meat unless cooked is very blood filled, fat filled piece of protein harbouring many bad bacteria & parasites. It is very hard for the body to process, since all assimilation of nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. Someone eating meat is digesting nothing but rotten flesh. Since it takes many hours for such high amounts of protein to reach this area of the body, its best to just not consume such a burdensome food that 1) lacks enzymes, 2) contains bacteria, parasites and 3) HCA’s form when cooked, 4) No Fiber, 5) way over 60% of cows today have leukemia! Yuk. It’s never smart to eat meat.

Parasites have a list of symptoms, but remember that you are their host. They don’t want to harm you, or even let you know they are there most of the time. They are living off of what you feed them, so their intent is to stay hidden and breed and because we are symbiotic organism ourselves, our body is at war with them and we have no idea. By the time most people realize they have them, it is sometimes too late, as they can breed very fast and is more often the case with house pets. The main cause of death to both dog and cats is heart worm – a parasite.

Simply put, most people find the symptoms of parasites to be diarrhea, anemia, headaches, Candida, bowel problems, weight management, lack of sleep or intestinal pains. Even though the list is much larger these are the main culprits behind those listed above. The most astounding thing about most major disease, deaths and even all forms are cancer are that they are all related to parasites!! Parasites poison us through their metabolic waist & its probably one of the main reasons for lack of sleep because their urine is pure ammonia. Amoebae also release an enzyme that causes ulcers. Similar to fungus, parasites burrow into organs and make a mess of things. They steal minerals & amino acids as food to live. They can erode damage or block certain organs by lumping together in balls or tumours. They can be mistaken for cancer tumors, and travel into the brain, heart and lungs. Endo limax nana is a parasite that has been found to eat the calcium off our bones causing forms of arthritis. Entamoeba Histolytica can get into the liver, the lungs and the brain.

Today scientists are even relating seizures with a parasite that could be burrowing it way into the brain. Amazing that pets can even pass on worms such as heart worm, as a recent study showed that heart disease and heart attacks may be higher in dog owners, as these owners have had their hearts infected by the worms their pet possessed. This condition has been confirmed by autopsy.

There are several types of intestinal worms. The most common of these are giardia roundworms, toxoplasmosis, pin worms, whipworm thread worms, roundworms, hookworms, flukes & tapeworms. Below I will give cheap simple solutions for each, and the herbs that are best to destroy them.

When you do a parasite cleanse it is important to do it correctly or you will just end up feeding them. A diet high in fruit and sprouted seeds is best. Most people think that the parasites would feast on these foods, but they actually help as flushing agents as they are digested readily fast in comparison to most all other foods.

I suggest starting a colon cleanse program because it’s a breeding ground for bacteria & parasites. Parasites breed mostly there and find the warm damp moist area of that region quite pleasing. Before I get into what foods and herbs upset parasites the most, this is probably the fastest creepiest and easiest way to rid them of the colon area. Take castor oil capsules and freeze them. When thoroughly frozen take around 3-6 caps every 24 hours, as these caps in a frozen state don’t get absorbed by the stomach but pass right through. By the time they reach the last part of the small intestine they dissolve in the ileum, the last three fifths of the small intestine. Here the digestive tract converts this oil into recinoleic acid, which is harmless to humans but deadly to parasites. NEVER GIVE CHILDREN 5 years or younger castor oil.

Out of all the whole foods that help expel most kind of intestinal worms the top of the ladder is coconut. Taking a tablespoon of freshly ground coconut meat throughout the day is amazing. If one does this along with the frozen caster oil capsules, intestinal parasites are sure to be running for their lives in no time.

Colloidal silver is powerful; it kills not only viruses and bacteria, but Parasites alike. Basically, silver just helps the body to clear these pathogens by disabling a specific enzyme that micro organisms need to breathe. When the enzyme is disabled, the micro-organism quickly suffocates and dies.

Garlic is a cleansing herb that has been used since ancient times. This plant is destructive to parasites. The ancients used to put a clove of garlic in their sandals and as they walked it would become crushed. Thus their skin would absorb the oil and the penetrating oil would enter the blood and carry it to the intestines killing them along its path. But this is mainly for those who cannot consume garlic either because of taste or a late night date! Because garlic is very harsh internally, I only recommend it 3 days a week at most because of the fact that it is so devastating to bacteria including “good” flora. Perhaps Monday, Wednesday and Friday consume the garlic cloves and relax the rest of the week to allow your good flora to remain strong and vital. On the days in-between consider aloe vera. It is related to the garlic family and contains high amounts of sulfur and polysaccharides.

Thread worms are often found in children and can be killed most easily with grated carrot eaten by itself. Round worms are best killed with unripe papayas as they contain an enzyme called papain. Even the seeds are wonderful as they contain a substance called caricin. So add them to a salad because they have a spicy taste to them and enjoy.

Tumeric kills various parasites as well, like lice and scabies (microscopic parasitic mites that infect the skin). Make a paste and apply it to all the affected areas each day for a couple of weeks or until the problem is cured. For lice, it’s also a good idea to boil your clothes and bedding to prevent re-infection. Take turmeric to get rid of other parasites too, especially nematodes. Turmeric contains four anti-parasitic chemicals, each of which is not effective alone, but when combined, they make a strong worm-killing cocktail. This phenomenon is called synergy and you will never find it in any pharmaceutical drugs since they are all isolated chemicals. Only God’s whole herbs have this advantage.

Also carrot is useful in the elimination of thread worms from kids as it is offensive to most parasites. A small cup of grated carrot taken every morning, with no other food added to the meal, can clear worms quickly. Make sure to not juice carrots but keep them whole and once parasites are destroyed only consume carrots in their whole form or blended if at all. They are high in sugar.

I use nut milks for extreme conditions of the blood, as pumpkin seeds are great for worms, especially tape. Sprouting the seeds for twelve hours and blending them with three parts water to one part seeds with a small bit of agave, stevia or honey really does the trick.

Out of all the herbs, foods, cleanses and powders, fasting is actually THE best way to kill parasites. As fasting essentially starves them to death similar to colloidal silver, and sometimes you can even force them out with warm milk and honey but this is quite scary to visibly see them come out.

Diatoms are used as a pool cleaner for fighting algae and parasites and are now made food grade. This essentially cuts the parasite when ingested because they do not have an out shell protecting them. I have yet to feel physical results from taking this supplement, but often times you never do.



I make all of my own organic herbal capsules with empty vegan capsules which can be purchased at most decent health food stores and the Capsule Machine which is a nifty little gadget that I would be completely lost without.

Black Walnut
Clove Powder
Olive Leaf
Gentian Root
Goats Rue
Pau D’Arco

It is important to keep your colon flushed. Make sure your BM’s are regular. Cascara Sagrada and Senna Leaf help with this.

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